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Sunshine’s Open Forum

Welcome to Sunshine’s Open Forum. I need topics to blog about while I am in Alabama and away from my bead room.

I am open to suggestions as long as it is not politics. My website is a politic-free zone. So tell me what you want to hear about.

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What A Crazy Year

What a crazy year this year has been. Starting with Covid19 break out in China and then worldwide quarantines I have fallen behind on my blogs. I would like to thank all of my new followers and tell you how wonderful it is to my ears that you all enjoy my blog.

G I looked into my pluggins and the two that effects my appearance on social media is Auto .. optimize and Contact Widgets. I use Woocommerce as my Ecommerce set up its really easy to use. My website host is I do all of my webdesign and content by myself. The jewelry I sell is all handmade by me. I am learning how to blog and do all the website things so I really overjoyed by any and all comments I get that aren’t spam.

I sincerely hope life gets back to normal soon. I had to come stay with my daughter and help with the grandkids because she is an essential worker. I finally got a used laptop so I can start blogging again. But unfortunately until I get back home I can’t make my jewelry so the store is closed until February. So tell me what subject would you like me to blog about. I am open for suggestions.