Bead Dragon Jewelry

My goal is to provide quality handmade/handcrafted jewelry and to expand Bead Dragon Jewelry . When making jewelry I follow a pattern or create my own unique designs.

If your looking for custom designs,Sunshine at Bead Dragon Jewelry can custom design a peace for you. Custom designs usually  take about a month to design and create. But I like to ask for two months because more intricate designs may take longer than a month to develop. I ask for a nonrefundable $ 50.00 0n all custom designs so I can cover the cost of materials during the design process. You can email questions to Bead Dragon Jewelry at and I will answer them within 24 hours.

  Sunshine the Bead Dragon

My Story

Sunshine the Bead Dragon created Bead Dragon Jewelry over 20 years ago. My friends would ask me to make them something and they would pay me for my work. Within a year I started setting up booths at events and selling my jewelry to strangers. I am still growing and making jewelry. Beading is my passion and I will continue to make jewelry for as long as I can.

Expanding My Business

After many years of making jewelry, selling to my friends and going to events, I decided to expand my business and Created the Website Bead Dragon Jewelry so I could grow and expand my jewelry sales. I continue to go to events and show my jewelry to people in person. Meeting new people and sharing knowledge with other people in the business is always enjoyable for me. It is an opportunity to learn something new and share knowledge with them.

Designing New Products

I am beginning to design my own products. Wanting to create enough of my own jewelry and write a book that will help inspire others to become addicted to beading. I am always open to sharing what I have learned and very eager to learn more in my craft. I know there are many different styles and stitches to use in creating wonderful pieces of jewelry.

Welcome to Bead Dragon Jewelry, I am Sunshine the Bead Dragon!!! A name my husband gave me when I started hoarding beads.

I hope you love my jewelry as much as I love making it

Sunshine taken at the event at Skellinton’s on March 28th 2021

Sunshine the Bead Dragon

Owner operator of Bead Dragon Jewelry

I love making jewelry and sharing it with other people.