Alley Cat Earrings

handmade alley cat earrings with gold-plated earwires

Arctic Penguins Beaded Earrings

Handmade penguins with gold-filled earrings

Art Deco Earrings

hand made geometric design Art Deco earrings with gold -plated earwires

Autumn Leaves Dangle Earrings

Hand made Autumn Leaves with dangles and silver-plated earwires

Autumn Leaves Earrings

Handmade Autumn Leaves earrings w/o dangles,with silver-plated earwires

Beaded Peregrine Earrings

handmade peregrine earrings with gold-plated earwires

Beautiful Christmas Tree Earrings

Beautiful Christmas Tree Earrings!! Hang these on your ears with Holiday cheer!! Order them today!!

Block Later A Earrings 2

Block Later A Earrings 2!! Black A on Red background with straight dangles. I can make them using any color combinations.

Block Letter A Earrings 1

Block Letter A earrings 1!! Blue A on a orange background with A looped dangles. I can make these in any color combinations.

Christmas Candle Earrings

Handmade beaded candle earrings with silver-plated earwires

Christmas Candy Cane earrings

Christmas Candy Cane earrings!! Order yours today!! Show your Sweet side with these candy canes!!

Christmas Chickadee Earrings

Handmade Christmas Chickadee with silver-plated earwires

Christmas Stocking Earrings

handmade Christmas Stocking earrings with gold-plated earwires

Christmas Tree Earrings

Christmas Tree earrings with silver-plated earwirea

Christmas Wreath Earrings

Handmade wreath earrings with silver-plated earwires

Classic Snowman Earrings

Classic Snowman Earrings!! Take them home or Give them to a friend!! Order today!!