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Designing With Beads

My First Design Santa Clause Earrings

Designing With Beads is an evolutionary step for beaders that become addicted to beads. I started beading in 1999 as a hobby. I am now creating my own designs. My favorite beads are #11 Delica seed beads and #15 Rocailles seed beads.

These beauties was my first ever design. I made them with #15 Rocailles seed beads. They took me over a month to design. The first step in designing is deciding what stitch to use. My favorite stitches are brick stitch and tubular peyote. I chose brick stitch for these earrings. I drew out my design on graph paper for brick stitch bead that I printed out from Firemountain Gems. The second step is beading your design that you created. Sometimes it just doesn’t look right. When this happens you have to make adjustments to your pattern and then bead it again. The Earrings above took lots of patience and determination not to give up. Each piece is made seperate and then sewn together. The body and head are stuffed with cotton. It is a 3D piece and his arms move.

My Newest Creation

I don’t use graph paper anymore I uploaded Bead Tool 4 onto my computer so it is a lot easier to draw my pattern and make changes to it. The process is still the same you draw it, then you bead it and make adjustments to the pattern as needed but it is a lot easier making adjustments on a pattern you can add or erase instead of starting over completely. Bead Tool4 also allows you to pick the exact bead color/ size and beads you want and gives you the information you need to order your beads. I find designing this way easier and faster. Bead tool gives you a variety of stitches to choose from. You don’t have to wad your paper up and start again simply erase what you want to change and change it.

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Holistic And Metaphysical Fair

Holistic And Metaphysical Fair at 7524 Bosque Blvd, Waco TX 76712. Bead Dragon jewelry will be vending at the holistic and metaphysical fair this Sunday, April 11. So come out and enjoy the spirit of spring with us. Live music, food, and lots of crafty vendors to enjoy. Fair begins at 12:00pm and ends at 6:00pm. I look forward to seeing you there.
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Tuesday is Product Photography Day

Tuesday is product photography day. I am so excited! The camera is raring to go! Time to take new product photographs so we can get them uploaded to Bead Dragon Jewelry. Drop by tomorrow to see the new look of my products page.

The photography equipment is set up and ready to go. Lots of inventory to include several new pieces of jewelry so it’s time to get the ball rolling. Have a great day everyone and don’t forget to come by tomorrow.

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Up And Running Again

Bead Dragon Jewelry is up and running again. Sunshine is back in her office and creating more jewelry. We also got a new camera and the office space has been reorganized. So get ready sometime next week there will be new pictures to look at. Sunshine will be blogging daily to let you know how things are going and exactly when and where new events are going to be as she books them. 2020 was a difficult year for all of us. 2021 will hopefully be better for everyone. Thank you all for being patient with us.

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Sunshine’s Open Forum

Welcome to Sunshine’s Open Forum. I need topics to blog about while I am in Alabama and away from my bead room.

I am open to suggestions as long as it is not politics. My website is a politic-free zone. So tell me what you want to hear about.

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What A Crazy Year

What a crazy year this year has been. Starting with Covid19 break out in China and then worldwide quarantines I have fallen behind on my blogs. I would like to thank all of my new followers and tell you how wonderful it is to my ears that you all enjoy my blog.

G I looked into my pluggins and the two that effects my appearance on social media is Auto .. optimize and Contact Widgets. I use Woocommerce as my Ecommerce set up its really easy to use. My website host is I do all of my webdesign and content by myself. The jewelry I sell is all handmade by me. I am learning how to blog and do all the website things so I really overjoyed by any and all comments I get that aren’t spam.

I sincerely hope life gets back to normal soon. I had to come stay with my daughter and help with the grandkids because she is an essential worker. I finally got a used laptop so I can start blogging again. But unfortunately until I get back home I can’t make my jewelry so the store is closed until February. So tell me what subject would you like me to blog about. I am open for suggestions.

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Making Tubular Peyote Necklace Ropes

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Bead Dragon Jewelry New changes

Bead Dragon Jewelry New changes are happening. Working on getting my website to preform better and faster.  Sunshine will be posting better pictures of my products in near future along with some new products. The categories on my storefront page have changed. Making it easier for you to shop. These changes will be happening over the next 2 months. I am really looking forward to the changes. Please be patient as I make these much needed changes.

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Bead Dragon July News Update

Bead Dragon July News Update: Bead Dragon July News was lost during a plugin update. I still plan on photo session and new products being listed today. I am going to be posting new products every day this week. Check back every day around 5pm to view new listings.

I will be offering a free bracelet for every order placed until January 1st 2020

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The whole Market Event

The Whole Market Event will be the first event in Texas for Bead Dragon Jewelry. I’m looking forward to introducing my jewelry to Texas. Come out and see what I have to offer. Beautifully handcrafted beaded jewelry come out to meet Sunshine the bead dragon.